The world's first carbon footprint certified air purifier 1. Touch free! AI autonomously controls purifying system. 2. 4 Smart Sensors Fine particle, Gas, Temperature and Humidity 3. Sophisticated design! Dimming light and Slim outlook Smart Motion Air Purifier senses indoor air quality and automatically works for the best air quality. Touch Free TOP!

Price : RM 90 Per Month RM 80 Per Month


6 Smart Sensors Fine Particle Laser Sensor Detect dust generator by various motions in daily life 01 Gas Sensor Display gas concentration level with Blue/Green/Orange/Red colors. Alarm when red continues over 10 minutes 02 Temperature / humidity Sensor Real-time temperature and humidity are displaying via LED dots. 03 PIR (Infrared ray) Sensor Three PIR sensors detect exact direction particle source. 04

Price : RM 120 Per Month RM 110 Per Month